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Pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation often impair and impact the quality of one’s life, limiting one’s participation and enjoyment in pleasurable activities.

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Kathleen Wyckoff provides affordable holistic short-term treatments that optimize your health and wellbeing.

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Comprehensive Treatment

The Comprehensive Treatment offers a tailored approach to balancing the client’s energy field. Energy balancing modalities, such as Healing Touch and Reiki are powerful therapies that promote overall well-being including physical, emotional, and spiritual.  These healing techniques are often used to support healing from a holistic approach.  They have been proven to be safe and effective for both children and adults.

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cancer healing touch therapy

Cancer Care

Kathleen is a provider at Stanford’s Cancer Supportive Care Program providing Healing Touch which is a wonderful complement to conventional medical care.  It is a soothing therapy which helps calm the nervous system and eases the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and medication.

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pre and post surgery healing touch therapy

Pre and Post-Operative Treatment

Energy work is found to help promote healing and shorten recovery time.  Healing Touch provided before surgery helps reduce preoperative anxiety and prepares the body energetically for healing.  Healing Touch provided post-surgery can help reduce pain and shorten recovery time.

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teleheath energy healing

Telehealth Sessions

Because energy work has no boundaries of time or space, practitioners do not need to be physically present with their clients to assist them in their healing.  The practitioner and client usually set a specific time for the treatment to be delivered. Depending on the client’s preference, there is usually a brief phone call to set the intention for the session, the client lies down in the own home for the duration of the treatment and a follow-up call is made at the client’s preferred time to discuss the outcome.

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Kathleen Wyckoff certified healing touch practitioner, reiki master in san francisco CA

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
- CHTP - #3949

Reiki Master
- Usui Shiki Ryoko

California Certified Massage Therapist
- CAMTC #57066

Meet Kathleen Wyckoff

When we are feeling good, we often describe ourselves as being “high energy” – everything is right with the world, we are on top of our game and physically healthy.  When we are experiencing stress, depression, tiredness, lack of creativity, jet lag, or illness we often say we are “out of balance.”

Little do we realize that we are literally speaking the truth.  If your energy flow is weak and out of balance you are more likely to feel stress, get sick, and be tired.  When your energy flow is strong and in balance, you are more capable of being healthy, focused, creative, and happy.

Kathleen, as a provider at Stanford’s Cancer Supportive Care Program, offers an individualized combination of Reiki, Healing Touch, and other energy healing modalities to help balance the energy field of cancer patients and caregivers alike for maximum well-being. You too can benefit from this individualized treatment, boosting your energy body with additional healing universal energy. While the treatment may only take about an hour, your body will continue to process the work for many hours afterwards, balancing your energy and eliminating toxins for the next day or two.




Following the first session my headache was reduced in intensity. I felt more energized but no significant change in ear pain.  However, following the second session my headache ceased (quite early in the session) and by the end of the consultation my ear pain, which had been decreasing over the previous two days, also ceased, in addition, I certainly felt I had much more energy.  The real test for me was the flight home.  However, much to my surprise, I suffered no ill effects.  I developed neither headache nor ear pain (which is a given for me on flights) and in fact, it was the most pleasant long haul flight I have been on for years.  (It is now 10 days since I returned to UK and the head and ear problems have not returned).


Kathleen Wyckoff

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Energy Healing Benefits

  • Pain reduction - pain management

  • Helps decrease stress-related symptoms including anxiety and insomnia

  • Aids recovery pre and post-surgery

  • Accelerates healing of infections, colds, and sinus/migraine headaches

  • Proven reduction in the side effects of Cancer Therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation

  • Helps reduce agitation in dementia patients

energy healing touch therapy

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